How Semantic AI Is Shaking Up Business Models In The Banking Sector

The financial sector generates a lot of valuable data, from individual purchases to large transactions. Given the enormous treasure that all this information holds, expectations of the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) in the banking sector could not be higher. It is anticipated that the industry will save more than $1 trillion by 2030 due to recent developments in AI.

2020-03-26 10:48:14

Intel’s Loihi neuromorphic chip can identify hazardous chemicals from their smell

Researchers from Intel Labs and Cornell University have demonstrated the unique ability of Intel Corp.’s neuromorphic research chip Loihi to identify a range of hazardous chemicals based on their odor alone.

2020-03-24 14:05:25

Autonomous Robots Are Helping Kill Coronavirus in Hospitals

The absolute best way of dealing with the coronavirus pandemic is to just not get coronavirus in the first place. By now, you’ve (hopefully) had all of the strategies for doing this drilled into your skull—wash your hands, keep away from large groups of people, wash your hands, stay home when sick, wash your hands, avoid travel when possible, and please, please wash your hands.

2020-03-15 16:45:47

How AI Can Transform the Autism Services Industry

Imagine providing parents with an app that enables them to upload videos of their children, analyzed by computers applying algorithms to diagnose autism earlier in their development than currently possible.

2020-03-15 16:40:07

How An AI-Automated Sports Broadcaster Is Shaking Up Soccer Streaming

Using artificial intelligence (AI) and automation, the company produces around 100,000 hours of sports matches every month. Last year, Pixellot produced more than 220,000 live matches – from soccer and basketball to hockey and handball.

2020-03-11 18:06:22

Honeywell Is Now Tracking $1 Billion In Boeing Parts On A Blockchain

Boeing has added more than $1 billion in excess airplane parts to GoDirect Trade, a blockchain platform designed to prove the origin of the parts and ensure they comply with safety standards, according to the manager of the platform, designed by aerospace giant Honeywell. Honeywell general manager Lisa Butters, says the transaction last weekend saw Boeing add the excess parts, or parts they no longer needed, directly to the platform, which connects the layers of the supply chain into a single, shared ledger of transactions that transparently tracks their movement. Boeing could not be reached to confirm the transaction, which was revealed at the Hyperledger Global Forum for enterprises building on blockchain, in Phoenix, Arizona.

2020-03-10 21:40:42

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