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Since 2017, the World Intelligence Congress (WIC) has been successfully held three times and has become a top-level event in the global intelligence science and technology field for academic exchanges, exhibitions, open innovation and deepening cooperation. The WIC, with the goal of boosting the deep integration of artificial intelligence with economic and social development, building a community of shared future for mankind, and creating a world-class pioneer city in artificial intelligence, first floated“intelligent science and technology” and made remarkable achievements in the dissemination of advanced concepts, the establishment of an international platform, the release of industrial policies, and the deepening of strategic cooperation. President Xi Jinping of the People’s Republic of China sent a congratulatory letter to the opening of the WIC. In the letter, he proposed to build a platform for communication, cooperation and win-win sharing through the WIC to promote the healthy development of the next generation of artificial intelligence (AI) and better benefit the people of all countries in the world.More >>


AI Stats News: 34% Of Employees Expect Their Jobs To Be Automated In 3 Years

Recent surveys, studies, forecasts and other quantitative assessments of the progress and impact of AI highlight the precarious nature of the future of work (long after the coronavirus pandemic ends), the continuing mixed attitudes of consumers about data privacy, and the possible resilience of this year’s investments in AI.

Artificial Intelligence Can’t Create Markets On Its Own

There’s plenty of consternation about artificial intelligence replacing many jobs and roles across the economic spectrum, — from salespeople to truck drivers to doctors. It’s worth mentioning, however, that market dominance will go to those innovators — human innovators, that is — who can assemble AI and machine learning-based components to move products and services more efficiently to customers. Successful entrepreneurs from this point forward will be maestros who can lead an AI symphony.

Five Ways Blockchain Can Unblock The Coronavirus Medical Supply Chain

The COVID-19 crisis has put unprecedented strain on the global supply chain of every product, but most acutely on critical medical supplies.

Is AI Smarter than Humans to Flatten the Curve of COVID-19 (Coronavirus)?

Wash your hands, social distance, isolate! Humans are doing their part to fight COVID-19, but the technology side of the story that is currently underreported.

Why Blockchain-Enabled Digital Ecosystems Are Vital To Your Digital Transformation

Blockchain is being used by leading organizations to aid in the adoption of digital ecosystems. While ecosystems have been in existence in some form or another for quite some time, digital changes all that. Digital ecosystems exceed the sum of their connections; they are complex, adaptive, learning and self-organizing.


Date: April 23-26, 2020

Venue: Tianjin Meijiang Conference & Exhibition Center, Tianjin, China

Conference Theme: Intelligence New Era: Innovation, Energization and Ecology

DateApril 22April 23April 24April 25April 26

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Signing Ceremony of

Opening Ceremony

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Bilateral Meeting

Release conference

Parallel Forum

Bilateral Meeting

Release conference


Lunch break

Lunch break

Lunch break

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Theme Investigation Activities

Welcome Ceremony

Tech Talk Night

Innovation Empowerment of Intelligence Technology Summit

Frontier Development of Intelligent Technology Summit

Bilateral Meeting


Parallel Forum

Bilateral Meeting

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Parallel Forum

15:00-16:00 Closing Ceremony

09:00-17:00 Competition

Intelligent Scientific and Technological Exhibition (For Professional Visitors Only)

Intelligent Scientific and Technological Exhibition (For Professional Visitors Only)

Intelligent Scientific and Technological Exhibition (For general visitors)

Intelligent Scientific and Technological Exhibition (For general visitors)







Previous Speakers

Reviews-John Hopcroft Winner of the 1986 Turing Award, Member of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences and National Academy of Engineering,Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences,Foreign Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Artificial Intelligence and the Information Revolution

Reviews-Hongyi Zhou Chairman and CEO of 360 Building Brain of City Safety Enabling Tianjin a New Smart City

Reviews-Raj Reddy Winner of the 1994 Turing Award,Member of the U.S. National Academy of Engineering and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences,Foreign Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences AI Enabled Inclusive Growth of the Society through Spoken Language Interfaces

Reviews-Yelai Zheng Vice President, Huawei President of Cloud BU, Huawei Inclusive AI, Make Intelligence Everywhere

Reviews-Sally Capp Lord Mayor of Melbourne,Australia Melbourne’s Smart City Approach: Intelligently Preparing for the Changing Needs of the Community

Reviews-Liming Zhang China Hualu Group Co.,Ltd. Group Director, General Manager City Data Lake Promotes the Development of Intellegence Industry

Reviews-Zhaohui Wu Member of Chinese Academy of Sciences, President of Zhejiang University Human-Machine Augmented Intelligence: Rethinking of the New Era

Reviews-Jian Wang Chairman of Alibaba Technology Committee Alibaba ET City Brain-Discovering and Exploring Urban Intelligence

Reviews-Chuanfu Wang Chairman and President BYD Company Limited Develop Green and Intelligent Transportation to Help the City's High-Quality Development

Reviews-Dr. Thomas Reichert Global Leader of DigitalBCG, Chairman of BCG Global Practices Unlocking Digital Transformation

Reviews-Peter Sun Chairman and CEO of Inspur Group Cloud+Data+AI,Driving the Development of New Internet

Reviews-James Shen Vice President of Qualcomm and Managing Director of Qualcomm Ventures Buiding an Intelligently Connected Future

Reviews-Juergen Model CEO of Siemens Mobility Greater China Shaping the Future of Connected Mobility

Reviews-Manuel Blum Winner of the 1995 Turing Award,Member of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences and National Academy of Engineering, Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences Towards a Conscious AI: A Computer Architecture Inspired by Neuroscience

Reviews-Chuanzhi Liu Chairman of the Board of Legend Holdings Corporation, Founder of Lenovo Group Limited A Promising Future in Intelligent Technology

Reviews-Qingfeng Liu CEO of IFLYTEK Co., Ltd. Create a Better World with Artificial Intelligence

Reviews-Jun Liu Executive Vice President and President of China Region of Lenovo Group Accelerate Intelligent Transformation and Construct Smart China Together

Reviews-Haitao Liu Chairman of Sensing Corporation, President of Wuxi IoT Finance Research Institute IoT+Block Chain: Credit Reform in Energy Industry

Reviews-Jun Li President of Dawning Information Industry Co., Ltd. Advanced Computing Technology in the Smart Age

Reviews-Lei Jin Vice President of Netease Youdao Artificial Intelligence in Education

Reviews-Ping Hao President of Peking University Interdisciplinary Integration Makes AI Better

Reviews-Zongnian Chen Chairman of Hikvision Digital Technology Co Ltd Data Innovation Empowers the Digital Economy-Fusing IoT Networks with Information Networks Assistances a New Era of Artificial Intelligence

Reviews-Liming Chen IBM Senior Vice President and Chairman of IBM Great China Group Cognitive Enterprise: Digital Transformation 2.0

Reviews-Carsten Breitfeld CEO of ICONIQ MOTORS Future Intelligent Transportation

Reviews-Amar Arekapudi VP of Manufacturing, Professional Services for GE Digital A Digital Approach to On-Demand Production

Zhou Hongyi, Chairman, 360 Enterprise Security Group Security Safeguards for Intelligent Economy and Sustainable Development

Hans-Paul Burkner, Chairman, Boston Consulting Group Future City for All

Richard Liu, Chairman and CEO, JD.COM New Business Trends in the Age of Intelligence

Zhou Ji, Academician and President of the Chinese Academy of Engineering New-Generation Intelligent Manufacturing

CHEN Liming, IBM Vice President and Chairman Greater China Where There's an Intelligent Mind, There's a Way

MA Weiying, Vice President, Bytedance AI Drives Industrial Innovation in the New Era

ZHAO Weiguo, Chairman and CEO, Tsinghua Unigroup Foundation of Digital Industries in an Intelligent World

Chen Chongjun, Vice President of HWAWEI Cloud BU Everything is Interconnected of the Intelligent World

Indrajit Banerjee, Director of the Knowledge Societies Division of UNESCO in the Communication and Information Sector Opening Address

Edvard Moser, Winner of Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine and Neuroscientist
Professor of Neuroscience and Director of the Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim Secrets of Brain and the Magic of AI

Terry Kuo, Chairman, Foxconn Technology Group Intelligent Manufacturing + Digital Economy = Industrial Internet

LI Jun, President, Dawning Information Industry Co. Ltd (Sugon) Advanced Algorithm Drives Digital Economy

David Wang, Senior Vice President, AMD Microchips in the Age of Intelligence

Robin Li Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO of Baidu, Inc. Artificial Intelligence · The Future is Now

Jack Ma Executive Chairman, Alibaba Group Intelligence Reshapes the World

Professor Bo Zhang, professor of Computer Science and Technology Department of Tsinghua University and the fellow of Chinese Academy of Sciences Artificial Inetelligence Based on Big Data

PAN Yunhe Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Former Executive Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Engineering The New Generation Artificial Intelligence of China

Viktor Mayer-Schonberger Big Data Expert Professor, Oxford University Data-Driven Artificial Intelligence: The Power of Feedback that Shapes the World

LIU Chuanzhi Chairman of the Board of Legend Holdings Corporation Founder of Lenovo Group Limited Innovation in Science and Technology: Historical Setbacks and Bright Future

Nick Bostrom Founding Director of the Future of Humanity Institute, Oxford University The Future of Machine Intelligence

WU Guanghui Vice President of Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China Ltd. C919 Chief DesignerScience and Technology Innovation of Large Passenger Aircraft

LIU Qingfeng Founder, Board Chairman of iFLYTEK How Intelligence Changes the Society

WANG Wenjing Chairman and CEO of Yonyou Software Co., Ltd. Intelligence Enhances Enterprise Operation

Piero Scaruffi Founder of Silicon Valley Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (SVAIRI) Author of “Intelligence Is Not Artificial”The Nature of Intelligence

SUN Pishu Chairman and CEO of Inspur Group New Intelligence Unleashed by Big Data

DONG Mingzhu Chairman of the Board and President of Gree Electric Appliances, Inc. of Zhuhai Opportunities for the Industrial Sector in the Age of Intelligence





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