Apr 23,2020


World Smart Driving Challenge

2019-12-06 19:07:41

The competition is co-organized by the Dongli District Government and the China Automotive Technology and Research Center. Apart from the competition area in Dongli District, the competition management is also planning to set up another competition area in Xiqing District, to build a smart network joint car pilot zone and hold a test match to create a world-class smart car brand event. Build a global smart car communication platform, and build an international technical practice evaluation scale.

This competition is to be a world-class intelligent driving technology industry alliance and give full play to the role of the alliance industry. In order to do well, strengthen and expand the competition, the China Automobile Center has completed the establishment of the science and technology competition room, and equipped with special personnel to prepare for the operation of the event, initially completing the fourth competition event plan, and has started the team and guests to invite through the form of centralized visits and exchanges. jobs. Right now, the technical seminars, publicity strategies, cost budgets, site use, business models and other issues of the competition are being discussed.

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